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A Different Cat Contract

We encourage all of our new adopters to bring their new addition to the vet within 72 hours of placement for a full check-up. If at that time the kitten is diagnosed with any serious/life threatening illness we will refund your payments/replace your kitten free of charge (minus shipping expenses). Kittens will not be replaced/refunded for minor ailments such as colds, bladder infections etc.

Genetic Health: We encourage you to have your baby checked by a vet at least annually. If your kitten is diagnosed with any life threatening genetic health issues by the age of 6 months we will replace your kitten as soon as another kitten is available.

Please remember, Deposits/Payments are non-refundable (even if you change your mind) unless a kitten is not available for the buyer at pick-up/delivery time or if otherwise stated by the seller in writing.

Please note, although we RARELY adopt our babies to breeding homes there are some exceptions. Under no exception will a kitten/cat be replaced due to reproductive failure. We believe that animals are pets first and should not be replaced simply because they cannot reproduce.

Your kitten will come to you with the necessary vaccinations, tests and de-worming as recommended by our veterinarian.

Shipping: We would love to place all of our kittens in local homes but sometimes that is impossible. In the event that you are shippingYou will be able to track your kitten during the shipping process. Seller is not responsible for any mistakes made by the shipping airlines. Buyers have the option of purchasing shipping insurance. Kittens are certified healthy by a veterinarian before flying.

Kittens adopted as pets may be shown in the household pet division. Kittens adopted as breeders or show cats may be shown in any division they are qualified for.

If you should decide that you can no longer keep your kitten we ask that you consider us first when placing the kitten in a new home, we are here to help!

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